• Everyone’s experience matters, please be considerate towards everyone’s class experience, the studio space and time. Please plan ahead and create time to get to class early. We’re all busy with much to do, create time to show-up on time and make it happen!



  • SIGN-UP ONLINE (Download the App: MINDBODY and search for Luxe Fitness) Please reserve your class online ahead of time so we know to expect you, walk-ins we welcome you too (as long as there's room in the class)!

  • ARRIVE EARLY  Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class to get settled in, set your focus for your purpose/intention of the class. *(The warm-up of each class is important, which is why we ask you do your best to show up on-time.)

  • CANCELLATIONS Some of our popular class times often have a waitlist. We ask that you are mindful of others when booking classes and reserving a spot. Please only book the classes you plan to attend. If you are unable to attend a class, make sure you cancel your spot as quickly as possible so your spot in class can go to a standby student.

  • CLEANLINESS Practice Cleanliness when entering the studio, no shoes on barre floor please and wear clean tennis shoes when attending boot camp. We try our best to keep the floors pristine and clear of any mud, dirt or other debris.

  • HONOR SILENCE  No cell phones in class/ or on studio floor, please silence phones, and keep all phone calls outside of the room. Be present and ready to workout. Handle your business before or after class, create time to shut off electronic for class, so you can clear your mind, connect and be present.

  • STAY IN THE ROOM Welcome to a place where it really is ALL ABOUT YOU! This is your class, your workout, your time to get what you need.  It takes a few classes to get into the flow and get a good grasp on each workout, honor yourselves and your community, stay with your teacher! Please do your best to show up to class on-time. We’re ready to help you meet your fitness goals, be present, focused and ready to workout!

  • INJURIES  If you have any existing injures or conditions please advise your instructor.

  • PUNCTUALITY Talking is encouraged during class. Please be mindful of others if you must enter class late or leave early. **For Yoga or stretch, please do not leave during Savasana or final cool down. Respect others and the instructor who has spent time to create a class for you. Ultimately, this is a your class and a class to the community around you, let go, trust and enjoy!

Other Questions and Answers:

Q: I purchased a Groupon, how do I get started? 
Our Groupon is for FIRST TIME CLIENTS ONLY. Guests that have purchased any other type of pricing option or have used a Groupon in the past, will not be able to redeem a Groupon with us. Please see further Q & A below.

A.1: If you have never visited our studio before:

  1. Please download the Mindbody App and search for Luxe Fitness, create yourself a profile. 

  2. Select the Class that you want to attend first and hit book. 

  3. When you are prompted for payment, please select the FIRST TIME GUEST PASS to reserve your class. 

  4. Please call 918-516-2939 or email info@luxefitnessstudio.com to have your Groupon applied to your account or have your instructor apply it to your account after class.

A.2: If you have been to the studio in the past:

  1. Please email us at info@luxefitnessstudio.com or call 918-516-2939

Q: So, I am ready to start class! What should I wear/bring? 
A: Workout in what you feel comfortable in. Our classes incorporate a variety of movements and stretches, so we suggest you wear anything that allows you to move/feel flexible and most importantly, what you’re comfortable in. All barre and yoga classes are socks or barefoot; it’s up to you. 

You are welcome to bring a change of clothes. Keep in mind we’re in a boutique setting, with a spacious bathroom, and two changing rooms. We do not have shower facilities.

Q: How soon will I see results?

A: Of course everyone is different so we recommend that you take a variety of our classes at least 3-4 times a week to see the best visible results within eight weeks or less. The workout is all about what you make of it. You should expect to burn anywhere from 250-400 Calories/Class. Results include long, lean beautiful muscles, lifted seat, flat-Abs, gorgeous toned arms, and a sexy waist line! (Keep in mind, your dedication to clean living and eating outside of the gym will also increase your results.)

Q: What if I have injuries?
A: Please indicate any new or previous injures to your instructor so they can provide you with any necessary modifications. If you have just come off an injury or are still healing from one, please provide a doctors note indicating you are cleared to participate in ANY workout activities.

Q: Can I take class if I am Pregnant?
A: If you are pregnant and are an existing client with Luxe Fitness, you may continue to take class if you have a doctors note permitting you to exercise. If you are an existing client and you have become pregnant please advise us BEFORE the start of class.

Q: I’m under 18, can I take class?

A: Clients under the age of 18 can take class if they have a parent or guardian sign-off on the New Client Waiver form. Only clients 15 and over may attend class.

Q: Do you provide Childcare?
A: We provide supervised childcare during some of our peak class times. Our Play Lounge is open during other times but will be unsupervised and any children who are able to play quietly unsupervised are welcome to hang out. Please see our Play Lounge page for more information.

Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?
A:  If you are no longer able to attend a class, please cancel within 30 minutest of the class starting.  A failure to cancel the class within this timeframe will result in a late cancel/no-show on your account. Any clients on a Class Pass pricing option will have a pass deducted from your account. If you are unable to attend an early morning class, please cancel your spot by 8:00pm the night before. These classes are high demand and anyone on our waitlists will need adequate notice that they have a spot. 

Q: Do I need to bring anything else?
A: Just bring yourselves and whatever you need for a successful workout! Don’t worry, if you forget anything we have FREE towels and water available to everyone. Come ready to have fun and work it out!


By authorizing  debit payment from my account or credit card, I agree to purchase the Luxe Month to Month Membership as an automatic charge to my credit card or check card each month, for a minimum of 3 months until I provide a 30-day notice to Luxe Fitness of my intent to cancel. I acknowledge that a 30-day notice must be received in writing via email to info@luxefitnessstudio.com. For example if my payment date is March 15th, notice needs to be received by February 14th of intent to cancel or monthly charge will be processed on March 15th.

For the Deluxe Membership, I acknowledge that I am committed to my membership for a minimum of 12 months and that if I do not wish to continue after the 12 months I must provide written notice of m intent to cancel outlined in the paragraph above. 


You are allowed to pause your membership for up to 8 weeks, one time for the following. 

   - Surgery or other medical procedure requiring down time. (Must provide a valid Doctors note.) 

   - Travel or work requiring you to be out for longer than 4 weeks.

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